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Sondytour Viajes

Sondytour Viajes offers you  guided tours for groups or individual. Choose the best for you according to your time, interests or preferences. We have fixed routes with different times and itineraries, as well as à la carte and monographic routes. Our tourist guides are from the “country”. Our experience and professionalism is backed up by the more than […]

C/ Merecillas, 31
Tlf: 952 70 65 10

Viajes Genil

C/ Diego Ponce, 6
Tlf: 952 70 31 61

Viajes Carrefour

C/ Cantareros, 21
Tlf: 952 84 69 23

Viajes El Corte Inglés

C/ Alameda de Andalucía, 10
Tlf: 952 70 53 94

Ruta Cero Tours

Guided visits in Antequera and the Antequera region. Guided tours in El Torcal. Short trips to Antequera and the Antequera region. Guided tours and excursions for schoolchildren. Motorcycle trips.

C/ Cueva de Viera 2, planta 2, local 5 29200 Antequera
Tlf: 605 787 919

Antikaria Viajes

C/ Lucena, 16
Tlf: 952 706 055