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De la Estrella wicket

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Next to Plaza Del Carmen (El Carmen square), we still can see the significant Torreón Del Asalto (Assault Tower) and the wall tower called of the Estrella (Star) which are the remains of the old Muslim wall which surrounded the villa. The Barbican tower of the Estrella is attached to the […]

Callejón de la Estrella

Niña de Antequera viewpoint

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. It was constructed in the early of this century. It is located near to the Puerta de Málaga (Málaga Door) and also very close to the San Juan Church, where it is the image of the El Señor de la Salud y las Aguas (Lord of the Health and Waters), […]

C/ Niña de Antequera

Málaga Gate

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Puerta de Málaga ( Malaga Door) is of the kind L-shaped passageway. The front has got a large horseshoe brick arch, with a sunken Moorish panel that creates a niche divided into spaces, typical of Nazari architecture. The tower’s inner design was very much changed when it became a hermitage. […]

C/ Mirador Niña de Antequera

Peña de los Enamorados

If you wish, you can view this point through Google Earth. Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. In the beautiful landscape of the La Vega (fertile lowland) in Antequera, halfway between our town and the neighboring village of Archidona, it rises the Peña de los Enamorados (Lovers’ Rock). It has received this name because the singular profile […]

Paraje Natural

Plaza de Santiago

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The typical complex of the Plazuela de Santiago (Santiago’s small square) is a successful of the architecture and the Baroque town planning in Andalucia in the 18th century. As the most important elements it stands out the Santiago church and the Santa Eufemia church. It is quite curious the contrast […]

Plaza de Santiago

Plaza de las Descalzas

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. In this cozy Plaza de las Descalzas (Square of the Discalced),  with the big magnolia-trees, we find the convent of the same name: Convent of San José de Carmelitas Descalzas (Saint Jose of Discalced Carmelites) . At the first sight, we see the very beautiful front of the church, in […]

Plaza de las Descalzas

Plaza Santa María

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This is the name given to the space in front of the Collegiate with the same name. The access is through the stairs located at the Colegio street, or through the Arco de los Gigantes (Arch of the Giants) and the so-called Plaza de los Escribanos (Square of the Scribes). The […]

Plaza Santa María

Plaza San Sebastián

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Saint Sebastian Square was created in 1508 as a result of a royal warrant by Doña Juana La Loca (the crazy Lady Juana). Currently, it is one of the most beautiful urban complexes in the town. There, we can find buildings as interesting as the Arco del Nazareno (Arch of […]

Plaza San Sebastián

Coso Viejo square

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The present Plaza Coso Viejo (Old Arena Square) was previously known as the Vegetable Square, as the open market was placed in there. The square has recently been restored and now there is, just in the middle, a horse sculpture depicting the Infante Don Fernando; at the end, there is a […]

Plaza Coso Viejo

Granada Gate

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The construction of the Arch was carried out in 1748. The building works were directed by the builder master Martin de Bogas. The present aspect of the Arch is not the same that the original one, as it has undergone several changes. Except for the main section, the attic was […]

Final C/ Belén junto a Jardines del Rey

Gardens of the town

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. There are several green spaces in the town, although may be one of the most important is that surrounding the Bullring, with several well-distinguished areas. On the one hand, it is the so-call “Paseo Real” (Royal Promenade) with a cozy bandstand used by the Municipal Band to perform outdoors concerts. […]

Almenillas viewpoint

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This site, at the back of the Arco de los Gigantes (Giants Arch), offers one of the most impressive views of the town. From there,  we can see the many churches, towers, belfries, bell towers and palaces which have been erected during four hundred centuries. In addition, we can enjoy one […]

Plaza Alta de Santa María

Puerta Estepa Gate

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Beside the bricks, the materials used to erect the Estepa Door are the red limestone from El Torcal in the pedestals of the three large pillars, and the cream-colored limestone from the same natural landscape in the heraldic emblem. Another significant element of the monument is the terracotta image of the […]

Plaza de la Constitución

Triunfo Inmaculada Memorial Column

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. On the 4th of October 1697, the community of the Capuchin Order contracted the sculptor, Antonio del Castillo, to make the plinth for the Immaculate Memorial Column (triunfo), so it was placed on the leveled area existing in front of their convent. The artist only had to make the plinth […]

Plaza Capuchinos

Homenaje a los antiqiries sculpture

This is a monument erected in front of the walls of the Torre del Asalto (Assault Tower) located at the Plaza del Carmen, in Antequera. The sculpture was inaugurated on the 24th September 2010, when the VI Century of the Antequera Incorporation to the Castilian Crown was commemorated.  On that date, but six centuries ago, […]

Plaza El Carmen

Capitán Moreno statue

Vicente Moreno Baptista. (Antequera (Málaga) 7 January 1773- Granada, 10 August 1810). On the 12 June 1792, he joined the army as distinguished soldier in the Fix Regiment of Málaga, being posted to the War of Rosellon. On the 30 September 1795, he was promoted to Cadet of his regiment and on the 1 April 1799 […]

C/ Infante Don Fernando. Delante de Edificio San Luis

Antequera, Centre of Andalucía: Kilometre zero

Antequera is proud to be the center of Andalusia. The landmark in the Plaza de San Sebastián refers to this fact: during thousands of years different civilizations have passed through the old city. The column of red Torcal marble has an inscription about Antequera’s central location throughout history, as demonstrated by the ‘Via Domiciana Augusta’, […]

Plaza de San Sebastián

Mirador de Antequera Parking Centro viewpoint

Admission prices Mirador: Users car: The entrance tiquet allows them free entry to all occupants of the vehicle. No vehicle users: Only groups of 5 people or more. Cost 2 € per person without time limit. Mirador hours: Monday to Sunday from 08.00 to 23.00 hours. There are available new descriptive posters of our monuments […]

C/ Diego Ponce, 15
Tlf: Teléfono: 952 84 63 41

Mirador Michael Hoskin viewpoint

Tourist Department of the Antequera Town Hall: Viewpoint facing on the Peña de los Enamorados (Lovers’ Rock) located next to the Arco de los Gigantes (Arch of Giants). It is dedicated to the British Archaeoastronomer Michael Hoskin to whom a bust in bronze facing the Lovers’ Rock has been dedicated. It is worthy to note […]

Casco Histórico. Junto al Arco de los Gigantes

(Español) Monumento a los Enamorados

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(Español) Plaza de Castilla

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San Francisco Square

This little square was constructed several years after the San Zoilo Royal Monastery was founded in 1500. The floor plan was never a regular one but all the opposite: it is a huge trapezium where an angle formed by the Toril and Duranes streets goes into. Until 1861, the connection with Calzada street was much […]

Arch of the Penitent

As the entry to Nueva Street, we find this monumental arch devoted to Jesus the Penitent. The structure is finished by a vaulted niche where the painting of the worshipped image is lodged, plus six lanterns and a projecting balcony. The original construction is from 1671 although it was demolished in 1959 because the risk […]

“Art without Time” Sculpture Complex

The Antequera town pays tribute to two of its most illustrious sons during the 20th century: the famous poet, José Antonio Muñoz Rojas, National Poetry Award in 1998 for this work “Objetos Pérdidos” (Lost Objects) and the multitalented José María Férnandez, painter and an erudite person, responsible for the most important researches about Historical and […]

San Zoilo Municipal Library

This Municipal Centre occupies part of the rooms belonging to the former Royal Monastery of Saint Zoilo; exactly, the cloister. This Observant Franciscan Order’s convent was the first one to be erected in the town after a Royal Order given by the Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando, on the 18th September 1500 by which they […]

(Español) Monumento “Antequera a su Semana Santa”

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(Español) Plaza Fernández Viagas

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(Español) Monumento a Plácido Fernández Viagas

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