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If you wish, you can take a tour through the enclaves of Religious Architecture in  Google Earth

Santa María la Mayor Royal Collegiate

  If you wish, you can view this point in Google Earth. Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department.  The importance of this building lies in being the first one in Renaissance style in Andalucia. It is indeed an exceptional work due to the size and the quality of the design. Here we can find two coexisting […]

Plaza de Santa María
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El Carmen Church

    Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Almost hanging off an escarpment, as it was watching over the Villa River from above, it was erected this magnificent ex-conventual temple of the Discalced Carmelites where the old Parish-Church of Santa María La Mayor is housed at present. Seemly, the building works for this temple and former convent […]

Plaza del Carmen

San Juan Bautista Church

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The San Juan church was finished in 1584. Probably it is a work by the same architect who designed the Homage Tower’s bell-shrine (Templete de Papabellotas) in the Antequera citadel (Alcazaba). From the exterior, it only stands out the front foot and the three lateral naves fronts. Unfortunately, the ground elevation gives […]

Cuesta Real

Santa María de Jesús Church

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This temple was founded by the Third Order Franciscans.  The church’s building works started in 1527 and finished in 1615. Since that date, it has suffered many improvements. The most interesting part of the present church is the High Chapel, dedicated to the Virgen del Socorro (Virgin of Mercy), whose […]

Plaza del Portichuelo

Santo Domingo Church

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The establishment of the Dominic Order in Antequera is dated in 1586, although they were temporarily housed in the old house of the Fraternity of the Foundling Children of Our Lady of Conception. The building works of the present church started in the first quarter of the 17th century. From that […]

Plaza de Santo Domingo

San Sebastián Church

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The present Collegiate Church of Saint Sebastian is the result of many additions and reforms during the years. The construction started in 1548 under the direction of the architect Diego de Vergara. 1692 was an important year for this temple, as many building works to change and improve it were carried […]

Plaza San Sebastián

Convento de la Encarnación

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This convent, which was not finished until 1580, belongs to the community of the Carmelites Mothers of the Old Observance. The exterior is quite sober and the only outstanding element is the access arch where the sprandels are decorated with an embossed Virgin and a Saint Gabriel forming the scene […]

C/ Encarnación

Convento Santa Catalina de Siena

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This convent belongs to the Order of the Dominican Sisters. The original church was replaced by the present one, a work by the master builder Andrés Burgueño. It has the typical conventual church plan floor, so much repeated in Spain and America, with just only one nave, High Chapel and […]

Coso Viejo

Convento de la Victoria

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This building was owned by the Order of Friar Minor of Saint Francis of Paola, who abandoned it after the Disentailment Law. Currently, it is occupied by the Order of the Tertiary Nuns founded by the Mother Carmen of the Child Jesus, born in Antequera. The present temple was erected between […]

C/ Carrera, s/n
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Convent of Santa Eufemia

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. In 1601, this monastery was founded by the Religiosas Mínimas (Nuns of the Minor Order) who dedicated it to Saint Eufemia, Patron Saint of the town. The present church was erected between 1739 and 1763 following the design of and started by the master Cristóbal García. The exterior displays a graceful […]

C/Belén 1

Santiago Apóstol Church

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Santiago Church was erected just a simple hermitage in 1519 and it has been making the functions of a Parish Church since 1822. The temple that we can see now might be about the mid-18th century and it probably was a work by the master builder Cristobal García. The exterior […]

Plaza Santiago, s/n

Convento de Belén

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This convent belonged to the Discalced Carmelites until the 19th century, when it was occupied by the Sisters of the Order of Saint Clare, who still live there as cloistered nuns dedicated to homemade works, being the most well-known the mantecados (lard buns) and sweets in general. Already in 1628, […]

C/ Belén

Capilla Tribuna Cruz Blanca

    Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. It was devoted to the Virgin of Socorro (Mercy) and used as a constant way of spreading the religious devotion, as well as a point of ritual stop in the Good Friday procession. This monument is located in front of the road junction formed by the Santa Clara and […]

Avd. de la Cruz Blanca

Capilla Tribuna Virgen Socorro

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Plaza del Portichuelo is, without any doubt, one of the most interesting squares within the authentic town planning in Andalucia, being the Chapel-Gallery of the Virgin del Socorro (Mercy), built in 171, the most outstanding element due to its peculiarity. This is another one of the chapel-gallery that marked […]

Plaza del Portichuelo

Convento de Madre Dios de Monteagudo

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Few monuments in Antequera have aroused such an interest among those who study art than this convent church of the Augustinians de la Madre de Dios de Monteagudo (Mother of God). The church was erected between 1747 and 1761, according to the design of the master building Cristobal García and […]

C/ Lucena, 39

Convento Ntra. Sra. Remedios

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department . The Third Franciscans founded their first temple in Antequera in 1519, in a site on the outskirts of Antequera known as “Las Suertes”. There, the people used to go to venerate the small image of the Virgin of Los Remedios (Remedy) who, in 1546, was appointed as the Patron Saint […]

C/ Infante D. Fernando

San Agustín Church

  The Saint Agustin’s old convent was built between 1550 and 1556, being the building works for the general structure directed by Diego de Vergara. In the Mannerist-style façade stands out a projecting balcony which gives certain civil air to the building. The tower, also in Mannerist-style and constructed in two different periods, rises until […]

C/ Infante D. Fernando, 15

Convento San José

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Barefoot Carmelites of Santa Teresa founded a house and a convent in 1632, in Antequera. However, the present church was erected between 1707 and 1734. From the exterior, it stands out the wonderful Baroque façade, attributed to Tomás de Melgarejo. This façade follows the Carmelite design, although it surprises the […]

Plaza de las Descalzas

Convento Trinidad

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The religious order of the Barefoot Trinitarians founded this convent in Antequera on the second of August 1637. The present temple was designed by the architect of the same order, Fray Pedro del Espíritu Santo, and it was erected between 1672 and 1683.  It follows a church model based on the […]

Avd. de la Cruz Blanca, 18

De la Veracruz Chapel

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This temple offers a panoramic view of the whole town and of the Antequera lowland (La Vega) as it is located in one of the highest part of the town. It is in Renaissance style mixed with Mannerist elements and small Baroque details in the frameworks of some of the smaller […]

C/ Cerro de la Cruz s/n

Capuchinos Church

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department.  The temple was consecrated in 1658. As the Capuchin Religious Order used to do, the inside of the temple is extremely simple from the architectural point of view. It has a Latin cross floor plan, being the nave, cross arms and flat East-end covered with semicircular vaults with lunettes and […]

Plaza Capuchinos, s/n

Ntra Sra de Loreto Church

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department.This church dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto started to be built in 1693 by order of the Jesuits, to whom it also belonged the school next to it. The building as a whole is popularly known as “Las Recoletas” (the Secluded) because, after having been abandoned by the Jesuits, the […]

C/ Los Tintes, s/n

San Juan de Dios Church

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department .When the Order of the Hospital Fathers of San Juan de Dios arrived to Antequera in the second half of the 17th century, the building works to erect this church -called after the saint’s name- were started and they continued until the late of the 18th century. The façade of the […]

C/ Infante Don Fernando, 67

San Miguel Church

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The current building is by the master builder Nicolás Mejias, who erected it between 1784 and 1785. In 1954, it underwent a significant number of building works. Consequently,  of the Mejias’s work, we just keep the High Chapel, its niche and the belfry. The rest of the temple is practically […]

Calle de San Miguel, 41

San Pedro Church

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The original San Pedro church was built in 1522. Soon, the temple became too small and the building works were again started in 1574. However, due to the lack of means and to the ambitious nature of the project, the works continued for quite a long time. We do […]

C/ San Pedro

San Zoilo Royal Monastery

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department.The Catholic Monarchs, by Royal Charter given in Granada on the 18th September 1500, awarded the license to the town to cede land to the Franciscans Observantes so they founded a monastery and an orchard. The church, late Gothic or Catholic Monarchs style, answers the design of the Franciscan temples of […]

Plaza San Zoilo

Santa Clara Convent

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Santa Clara Cultural Center. The old Santa Clara convent was founded by the Clarisas Franciscanas Sisters in 1603, although the building works for the current church did not start until 1633, following the project by the architect Fernando de Oviedo. To this period, it belongs the part of the high […]

C/Sta. Clara 3
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