cicerones_bajaTravelling is an adventure. Children are always prepared to discover places, new flavors and sounds. They are always ready to make their dreams come true. Travelling is knowledge and an inexhaustible source of options. Reality and fantasy get mixed up to create an extraordinary network. Later, everything will come to life in their memories, in their imagination. The children from 4ºD of the Infante Don Fernando de Antequera’s school, the headmaster and course tutor, and I, wanted to pass on to you, through their eyes and feelings, what they are familiarized with because they live in ANTEQUERA. I met the children to give them a very creative working guidebook and to collect their thoughts, drawings and laughter when listening an anecdote, their surprise before something they did not know and the growing interest in sharing with you, future visitors, everything gathered in this guidebook and much more!  Start from “SMALL CICERONES” and when you travel to our town, it will be you the one to enjoy the beauty and joy of ANTEQUERA. We are waiting for you. THANK YOU!!. ! Download Small Cicerones