WHY: Because we want to turn our Museum into a more attractive place so the Primary school children come and enjoy a positive experience from the visit. WHAT: HELP ACTIVITY BOOK “ADVENTURE AT THE MUSEUM OF THE TOWN FOR THE VISIT TO THE MUSEUM OF THE ANTEQUERA TOWN: WHAT FOR: To bring the pupils closer to our ancestors’ –Romans- culture and customs in the Antequera District. . In particular, the Romans’ funerary rites and their beliefs in the afterlife. Children will also learn the main points of archeology. FOR WHOM:  For 3º to 6º of Primary School from all the Antequera District schools. HOW: Those schools interested in a visit can ask for a guided visit to the Phone of the Museum of the Antequera Town: (+34) 952 70 83 00. Before the visit, the teachers will download the Activity Book from the Town Hall webpage and will work with the children (reading-coloring-doubts). Once the appointment has been scheduled, they will visit the Museum of the Town, where they will watch an 8 minute educational video, followed by the visit to the Roman Hall where they will work with the book to identify the several archeological objects. HOW MANY AND WITH WHOM: Groups of no more than thirty children. Each group will come with a teacher and a monitor (minimum). The activity will be guided by specialized staff from the Museum of the Town. WHEN: Visits can be requested from the 3rd of November until 21st December (it is advised these two months because the activity is particularly related to the All Soul’s Day). WHERE: At the Museum of the Antequera Town, located in Plaza del Coso Viejo, s/n. 952 70 83 00. If you wish more information, please click in this link.