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Travelling is an adventure. Children are always prepared to discover places, new flavors and sounds. They are always ready to make their dreams come true. Travelling is knowledge and an inexhaustible source of options. Reality and fantasy get mixed up to create an extraordinary network. Later, everything will come to life in their memories, in […]

WHY: Because we want to turn our Museum into a more attractive place so the Primary school children come and enjoy a positive experience from the visit. WHAT: HELP ACTIVITY BOOK “ADVENTURE AT THE MUSEUM OF THE TOWN” FOR THE VISIT TO THE MUSEUM OF THE ANTEQUERA TOWN: WHAT FOR: To bring the pupils closer to […]

  Capítulo 1: Introducción Capítulo 2: El Neolítico en Antequera Capítulo 3: La leyenda de Hércules y el Dólmen de Menga Capítulo 4: El descubrimiento de los Dólmenes Capítulo 5: La sociedad en el tiempo de los Dólmenes Capítulo 6: La construcción de Los Dólmenes Capítulo 7: El dolmen de Menga y su relación con […]

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