The “Sur de El Torcal” Tourism Association gathers several rural accommodations located to the south of the Natural Site of “El Torcal”, mainly in the hamlets of La Higuera, La Joya and Los Nogales which belong to Antequera District.

The main objective of this Association is to promote the rural tourism in an area pretty unknown to the people of Malaga province and to our visitors. Many are the attractions of this privileged site, located in the heart of Malaga province and very well communicated with the main cities of Andalucia: Granada, Córdoba and Seville. What is more, since these small centers of population are located at the foot of the “El Torcal” and opened to the influence of the sea due to its proximity with Málaga they have a typical Mediterranean weather: a spectacular spring because the colors and smells, a hot summer, warm autumn and a mild winter. The beauty of the landscape, together with the quiet and natural way of living, turn the “Sur de El Torcal” into an unforgettable setting for “disappearing” and forgetting the daily stress. You will find all of that livened up by the hospitality of its people who always try to integrate the people renting their houses into their culture. The visitor to this area of the south of El Torcal will also enjoy a clear atmosphere, without any kind of pollution, while enjoying the healthy and ecologic products of the area (wine, fruits, olive oil, goat cheese, etc.). There is also the possibility of practicing outdoor activities in contact with nature: hiking, horse riding, cycling, paraglide, climbing as well as several hikes (El Torcal, the Garganta del Chorro, Laguna de Fuente de Piedra…).

Apart from that, the owners of these rural accommodations are trying to recover old traditions and important traces of their History. Such is the case of the restoration of the castle of Jeva, a XV century fort, which is currently badly damaged by the passage of the time and by man, who has used its stones to build their houses (Cortijo). In this sense, another priority of these people has been to rescue from oblivion the Escaruela track, an old Roman road with great patrimonial and archeological value, which at the time was the main access to Antequera from Málaga. The mentioned tract was restored and put back into operation in March 2007. During its 20 km long you will enjoy spectacular views of the south area of El Torcal”.

Asociación de Turismo Sur de “El Torcal” Partido La Higuera Apartado de Correos 112 29260 ANTEQUERA (Málaga)