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Besides the tourist accommodation included in “Sur de El Torcal” Tourism Association from our borough, you will also find another places which, even if they do not belong to the above-mentioned Association,  are duly registered at the Tourism Registry of Andalucia. “Sur de El Torcal” Tourism Association

The Aula del Cielo (Sky Room) and the El Torcal Astronomical Observatory offer astronomy activities, to the naked eye and through powerful telescopes, to bring this fascinating science to all kind of public by taking advantage of an impressive, privileged and dark environment such as it is the El Torcal de Antequera, 1200 meters high. […]

  Since past 28th February 2014, Antequera has got a new parking area for motor-homes located nearby the El Maulí football ground, in Miguel de Cervantes street.  It is a free open air parking area with drinking water and wastes services. 16 parking places. 24 hours.    

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