The distinguishing elements of the Holy Week in Antequera turn it into a beautiful and harmonious event where art, history, tradition and faith get together.

Probably, the great merit of our town has been keeping much from the old without succumbing to imitate the renewed Sevillian style, as it happened in many other Andalusian towns. Our Brotherhoods and Fraternities are rich in monumental procession’s belongings:  The images, most of them sculptures of great artistic value made by carvers settled down in the town between the 16th and 18th centuries, the cloaks and canopies’ embroideries, as well as the silver and carving elements are considered key pieces of the artistic heritage of the Holy Week in our province. Thanks to its particular features, the Antequera’s processions  are something unique within the Andalusian’s Holy Week as a whole.
On the one hand, the thrones are carried on the shoulders –unlike the costaleros, who bear the throne on their head helping themselves with a filled sack- by the hermanacos (brotherhoods’ members) who are characterized by their attire and by using “forks” to support the throne when it is kept still. In front of them, it goes the Oldest Brother with the Banner who directs the hermanacos during the procession. Another main characteristic of the Holy Week in Antequera is the campanillero de lujo (luxury bell child): a child not older than 8, who usually belongs to a Fraternity’s family and who wears a long train velvet robe embroidered in gold. The bell children go with the Oldest Brother and their mission is to ring a little bell to warn that the throne is going to start moving or that it is already doing so. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning some unforgettable moments of our Holy Week, such as what is known as “correr la Vega” (running the lowland): carried by the Brotherhoods, the thrones go running up the steep slopes  until they reach the top, where they are kept in their temples. It seems that this tradition comes from the custom of blessing the fertile lowlands –which, at the time, were the main source for the population’s wealth- from the top of the town’s hills.  Since the last 4th December 2012, this tradition was declared “Fiesta of Provincial Tourist Interest” by the Provincial Council of Malaga. Another emotive and special moment of the processions is when the thrones from the same or different Fraternities are brought face to face as a gesture of togetherness and congratulation for the procession. All the already-mentioned features and some more, such as the big stands of the Virgins’ thrones, the style of their canopies, the banners, etc., give their own style to the Holy Week in Antequera and distinguishes it from any other. Nine are the Brotherhoods and Fraternities that go out in procession during the Holy Week. If you wish, you can follow their route through the town’s street in this link:

Association of Fraternities in Antequera