Ntra Sra de Los Remedios Patrona de ATQ2The 8th of September, the town celebrates the day of the Virgin of Los Remedios  (Virgin of Remedy), Patron Saint and Perpetual Mayoress of the town. She is taken out in procession wearing some of the jewels from her wide and beautiful collection. According to the legend, the image was brought to Antequera by Santiago apostle to protect the town of any kind of evil. The population has shown its veneration since the first day. In 1711, it was established the order of the Venerable Esclavitud de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios (Venerable Bondage of Our Lady of Remedy) to worship and extend the devotion to the Sanctity Virgin of Los Remedios. The mentioned order settled down in the Convent of Los Remedios (today Municipal Palace), in whose church it is currently the image of this Virgin. In 1922, the ecclesiastical and municipal powers of the town requested the canonical coronation of the Virgin to Roma , something that took place on the 10th of September of that very same year. The image of Our Lady of Los Remedios is a sculpture of the early of the 16th  century, which, despite its incipient Renaissance style, shares the last influences from later Gothic. The iconography represents the Mother Virgin, standing,  with Jesus Child leant on her left side. It is a carving of red pine 66 centimeters high.