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BODEGA HERMANOS GROSS: Tours, tasting, tourism and nature.

One of our grapes may have a few stories to tell about our past, presente and future…of the soil where it is actually grown (Antequera) and our family roots linked to the wine trade (Gross family). Our final goal as artisan Organic wine producers is to make those stories true by producing finest wines…

The Gross Brothers Wine Company was established in 2007 as a family business where tradition, innovation and moderne wine producing techniques make the perfect blend. The Gross family has, however, a well established record in the Spanish wine producing industry having produced Malaga wines throughout the XIX and XX Centuries through wines labeled “Federico Gross, Gross Hermanos and Scholtz” whose magnificent sweet wines and sun dried grapes acclaimed much fame on an international level and obtaining several wine awards. The new generation wishes to continue this tradition of a well-established name in the wine industry.

Our vineyards are grown on a chalk base soil located in the Natural Park of Sierra de La Chimenea some 2000 feet above sea level. The wine has been officially certified as “Organic wine” its vineyards being farmed in a sustainable fashion using natural methods only which results in an optimal final harvest and therefore prime quality grapes. In addition, the continuos South East winds and balmy Continental weather conditions give our wines that unique character and taste.

In addition to offering visits to our discerning clientele who will greatly enjoy a journey through our vineyards and cellar it is also possible to organize guided trips and other local activities which can include gastronomy, history and culture ot this very special part of a less known Spain.

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Carretera de Antequera a Valle de Abdalajis. (A-343) Km 13. Finca “El Respiro”. 29200 Antequera (Málaga).

Phone: 649 319 373/658 079 871


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Dirección C/Infante Don Fernando, 86 local Teléfono 951 33 99 56 / 639 62 05 55 Email

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