Everybody who is living in a city has now and again dreamt with getting up in the morning, going down to the orchard to pick up a tomato from the plant, wash it, cut it and eat it in the breakfast. And, then, take a selfie to share the experience with friends and family.

The fact is that eating fresh fruit or vegetables as they used to be is nowadays a difficult task, mainly in the big cities. Escaping to the country will give you the opportunity of tasting fresh and ecological products as those of before, and to enjoy a breakfast or lunch with products just picked up from the orchard. The growing leanings based on ecology and the authentic turns these experiences into a luxury dreamed by many people which can now become real thanks to Agritourism.
Precisely, some of the accommodations of the Asociación de Turismo Rural Sur del Torcal –https://turismo.antequera.es/que-hacer/naturaleza/turismo-rural/asociacion-de-turismo-rural-sur-de-el-torcal/ – located in Antequera offers you orchards and fields where guests can pick up fruits and vegetables, or almonds to cook cakes or any other receipt; they can make bread in a wood oven, feed the animals (donkeys, hens, rabbits,…) etc.

Besides, the owners of these farms go with their guests on hiking trails, such as that of the Escaruela which runs through olive and almonds trees, to discover the flora and fauna of the place.

You can consult all those activities when booking.

There are also in Antequera others accommodations of this kind which are not within the above mentioned Association, such as the Casa Rural Vega de Antequera rural cottage https://turismo.antequera.es/place/casa-rural-vega-de-antequera/: a typical Andalucian cottage (cortijo) with walnut, fig, loquat and quince trees and grapevines which will give you the opportunity of harvesting the products depending on the season of the year.

And also the Casa Rural Villa Los Huertos rural cottage https://turismo.antequera.es/place/alojamiento-rural-villas-los-huertos/, with a poultry yard with rabbits and hens which can be fed by guests. In summer, they grow a small vegetal garden so their guests can pick up fresh vegetables.