What to do

What to do

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Gastronomy is an extra attraction of the Antequera tourist offer. In our district, gastronomy is determined by geography, by the products harvested in La Vega (low land) -mainly cereals, vegetables and olive oil- and by the people’s idiosyncrasy.   One of the most famous dishes of the Antequera cuisine is the porra, which is a […]

There are many traditions in Antequera. Here you will find information about the main ones.

Antequera has got a very rich historic heritage which dates back to 4,000 years B.C.  You can start to get to know it with a tour through  the archeological sites in Google Earth 

BODEGA HERMANOS GROSS: Tours, tasting, tourism and nature. One of our grapes may have a few stories to tell about our past, presente and future…of the soil where it is actually grown (Antequera) and our family roots linked to the wine trade (Gross family). Our final goal as artisan Organic wine producers is to make […]

Everybody who is living in a city has now and again dreamt with getting up in the morning, going down to the orchard to pick up a tomato from the plant, wash it, cut it and eat it in the breakfast. And, then, take a selfie to share the experience with friends and family. The […]

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