The Antequera Town Hall has definitely gone for Tourism Quality. Consequently, since the 9 of July 2007, it has joined the Integral System for Tourism Quality in Destination (SICTED). We are currently working, both from public and private fields, to develop the mentioned programme, as we wish to consolidate ourselves as a destination with a trade-dress related to cultural and quality tourism. What is SICTED about? The  Integral System for Tourism Quality in Destination is a project promoted by the Spanish Federation of District & Provinces and financed by the Tourism General Secretary,  which belongs to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.

 The object of the project is to direct the strategy to be followed in order to obtain quality in destination by means of four complementary actions:

  • To create a Management Body -technical organizational structure- in charge of designing the promotion of the destination and  facilitating inter-administrative and inter-sectorial collaboration
  • To obtain and analyze the information through a Control Panel, which will allow the destination to evaluate itself, to establish priorities for actions as well as to exchange data and experiences with those destinations with common characteristics.
  • To establish a Working Method based on models of excellence already proven and which tries to put into motion improvement collective projects in destination.
  • To advise the companies that have freely decided to joint SICTED  a model of good practice in service quality, regardless of its characteristics and predominantly on those with more necessities according to the available resources. This   effort is acknowledged by a national sign: “Tourist Quality Commiment”.

What distinguishes and characterizes SICTED?  SICTED pursues three main objectives:

  • From the Method point of view, the achievement of an “umbrella” method, adaptable to each destination, and able to add and complement other quality projects (in particular, the Spanish Tourism Quality Plan).
  • From the Strategic point of view, to act as an observatory of the destination, to boost it by harmonizing the action levels from the different sectors, to foster the long term comprehensive actions and to reinforce the business network.
  • From the Operation point of view, to achieve a global knowledge of destination, to coordinate the different agents who are taking part in the tourist activity and to design products in keeping with the market trends.

SICTED wish to become a unique and universal model, in the sense that it provides a widely applicable tool to check the management of the quality in any destination defined as such. In addition, it is a System known and agreed by most of the agents, both public and prívate, who are taking part in its configuration and who are also getting benefits from its operation. It is also a flexible system and, therefore, adaptable to different units of territory organization (villages, cities, towns, districts, geographical areas or autonomous regions), to different kinds of destinations, independently of its characteristics. Which destinations are taking part? There are different kinds of participating destinations: urban, cultural, rural, thermal, beach, privileged natural surrounding, etc. If you wish more information, please get in touch with