Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Beside the bricks, the materials used to erect the Estepa Door are the red limestone from El Torcal in the pedestals of the three large pillars, and the cream-colored limestone from the same natural landscape in the heraldic emblem. Another significant element of the monument is the terracotta image of the Virgin of El Rosario, which is placed in the central niche facing the Alameda street. This new image replacing the old one by Andrés de Carvajal was made by the Antequera sculptor Eloy García. At the back of the arch, in the central niche there is a ceramic tile depicting Saint Eufemia which is based on an engraving of 1820 made in the workshops of “Antonio Gonzalez”, from Mairena del Alcor. The three large semicircular arches are the structural base of the monument. The function of the central arch was to give way to the horses and carriages, while the pedestrian used the lateral ones, The idea of rebuilding the Estepa Arch or Door arose in 1998 on the occasion of the commemorative acts for the two hundred and fifty anniversary of the awarding of the Royal Fair in August by the monarch Fernando VI. Thus, the town recovers a monument that was destroyed in 1931.