Come to Antequera and get to know the “Heart of Andalucía”, one of the more beautiful and known places of Andalucía, with our Antequera Free Tour. You cannot miss it!
The city of Antequera, in the Antequera province, is located at the foot of the El Torcal mountain range –famous for the shape of its limestone rocks which form one of the more important and impressive karts landscape of Europe- and the Sierra de la Chimenea mountains. Besides, its situation right in the centre of Andalucía turns it into a strategic geographical place.
However, what really distinguishes Antequera as it is evidenced by the numerous archaeological remains from several ages found within its territory is the historic, artistic and cultural heritage. In fact, together with Úbeda and Baeza (Jaén), Antequera is the city of Andalucía with the greatest historic-artistic heritage. One example is the outstanding complex of the Menga, Viera and El Romeral dolmens. A UNESCO Worldwide Heritage! We will also visit the Roman Antikaria, the many churches, convents and palace-houses from several ages without forgetting the Arab Walls and the prominent Alcazaba Arab fortress.
And we cannot leave this wonderful town without tasting its rich gastronomy made of the products grown in the Antequera lowland (La Vega) such as vegetables, grains and olive oil used to prepare the famous porra (thick gazpacho) and molletes (Arab-style bread). There cannot be a better icing on the cake than the typical Antequera sweets such as the mantecado (lard buns) or the bienmesabe (grinned almonds, sponge fingers and pumpkin angel hair).
This Free Tour can be booked together with the visit to the El Torcal Natural Landscape of Antequera. The perfect complement for a perfect day in Antequera.