Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This site is popularly known as La Carnicería de los Moros (The Butchery of the Moorish). What we can see now are the remains of a Thermae which undoubtedly belonged to a sumptuous Roman villa placed next to the course of the La Villa River and two kilometers away from the old “municipium”. The best preserved piece is the large pool of 53 meters at its longest side, whose retaining wall is decorated with fifteen niches with an average of 2,80 metros high. All the niches have got a rectangular floor plan and are covered with half-barrel vault, except for the middle one that has got a semicircular floor plan and a semi-dome. The fabric is in mortar, but in its origin, perhaps another kind of material was used. Likewise, it is quite curious the use in the flat niches’ bottom of a kind of a very interesting bond: it is the so-called “opus espicatum or “fish bone”