The Museum of the Santa Eufemia’s Brotherhood and the Sisters Mínimas  of Antequera opens only the weekends. The access is through the temple’s door, as the very own church is in itself the Museum. There, we can study the altarpieces and reredos from the religious, artistic and historic point of view. In addition, three new rooms have been arranged: that of the “Confessional booth”, the “Sacristy” and the one called the “Sixth Centenary”, plus the Saint Eufemia’s niche located up to the High Altar. There are also important objects, such as the gauges by Andrés de Carvajal, engravings of the 19th century, the key of the town of the 15th century, a painting of the Saint of the 18th century -which is a copy of the one painted by Murillo-, and the shrine of the 19th century. There also is a documentary about the Sixth Centenary available for all visitors who wish to watch it. We must also mention the attires from mace bearers and dalmáticas, which belong to the processional body of the Fraternity; cornucopias with paintings by Antonio Reyes Machuca and Ramón Orellana, as well as paintings by Eloy García Pérez about the Saint Eufemia’s martyrdom, and the recreation of the Andrés de Carvajal’s workshop. In the Sacristy, it is shown the letters of blessings and indulgences from Popes since the17th to 20th centuries, as well as the words from the Pope Benedicto XVI on the occasion of the Sixth Centenary of Antequera, plus the Golden Medal of the Town. During the visit, we will go through these 600 years of history, with paintings by Antonio Reyes Machuca, Antonio Montiel and Eloy García Pérez related to subjects such as the origin of the famous sentence “Shall the sun rises in Antequera” or the Antequera conquest.