Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. “A space for silent and inner peace”. That is what the Museum of the Blessed Mother Carmen del Niño Jesús offers to  the visitors. Since 1947, once the canonization process had started, the small chapel where the mortal remains of the Mother Carmen are kept attracts many pious people who go there to pray, to plead for her intercession or to thank her for the received favors .This chapel, a very small cell, is the place where she worked, prayed and slept. In 2008, close to the Beatification date, the chapel is enlarged and modified with spaces to show the objects and heirlooms from the Mother Carmen which have been kept by the Sisters to be offered to those people who come to the Museum attracted by devotion or curiosity. The “Museum”, which was started and opened in May 2007, does not contain valuable works of art but precious objects showed with good taste and much love in order to offer the visitor a “space of silence and inner peace” and bring him/her near to Mother Carmen’s heart.