Sacramental of San Salvador,Royal and Honourable Archconfraternity of

the Saint Cross in Jerusalem, Our Father Penitent Jesus and

Mary Sanctity of the Crowned Mercy


Permanent exhibition of the Cofradía del Socorro (Fraternity of Mercy) is an old aspiration of this Good Friday Fraternity in Antequera which have become a reality thanks to the effort and the work of their members. Thus, it is now located in the high floor of the old Franciscan convent where the Fraternity is housed.  In this way, it guarantees the right preservation of the works while making possible to show them during all year to the visitors.

The rich processional heritage gathered since the establishment of the Fraternity in 1620 is shown in a complete collection where it stands out the working of precious metals and embroideries dated between the late of the 15th century until the late of the 20th century. The Museum space has been delimited in five environments. The first one is devoted to the Santa Cruz de Jerusalen (Saint Cross of Jerusalem), which welcomes the visitors and is accompanied by silver suns and pennants, all of them of the 18th century. Next, we can see the space devoted to Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno (Our Father Penitent Jesus), with His two tunics embroidered in gold, of the 19th century, the processional Cross and several set of potencias (beams of light on Jesus’ head). In the second of the new rooms, in that of the ante-choir, there is a great part of the processional belongings of the Sanctity Virgin, among them an embroidered smock and her two silver crowns: one of them made by Diego Ruiz Pérez in 1781 and the other one by Seco Velasco in 1953. Several Oldest Brother’s tunics complete the embroidery exhibition. The less known part of the collection is displayed in the choir church, which is devoted to the Sacramental of San Salvador. There, it is the oldest piece, the begging tray, dated in the 15th century, as well as the canopy of respect and a pall, both of the 18th century.  Silver is again present in this space with an oil lamp, several bells from the luxury children bell or a monstrance. Finally, the visitor can also view the silver banners from the Archconfraternity, one of them devoted to Jesús Nazareno (Penitent Jesus) and the other one to the Virgin of Mercy, next to the two small banners of the Fraternity and the sacramental. The exhibition is completed with a collection of silk embroidered tunics. And, before finishing, please, do not forget to visit  the Virgin’s niche.

Visits can be arranged by calling the number 626474548.