Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Santiago Church was erected just a simple hermitage in 1519 and it has been making the functions of a Parish Church since 1822. The temple that we can see now might be about the mid-18th century and it probably was a work by the master builder Cristobal García. The exterior is quite curious, as the facade-belfry is joined to a kind of chapel-gallery, which reminds the Indian models. On the façade, there also are Mudejar elements, as the very own structure of the porch-niche or the low portico vault with tri-foliated nerves. The interior is quite simple, with just one nave covered with a half-barrel vault, and the High Chapel with a quasi-segmental semicircular vault. In the High Altarpiece is opened the niche of the Virgen de la Salud (Virgin of Health), a Rococo space constructed in 1765 adorned with white and curly plasterworks. The image of the Virgin is of the 17th century and it is placed on a golden wooden shrine. The rest of the church is decorated with distemper paintings imitating curtains and other motifs. In the sacristy, it is kept several precious metal work pieces of great value.