Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This temple was founded by the Third Order Franciscans.  The church’s building works started in 1527 and finished in 1615. Since that date, it has suffered many improvements. The most interesting part of the present church is the High Chapel, dedicated to the Virgen del Socorro (Virgin of Mercy), whose niche (18th century) is of great beauty and it is decorated with plasteworks of unusual richness. There are some significant sculptures, such as the Jesús Nazareno (Jesus Penitent), as well as good paintings, such as “La Verónica” and the Adoración de los Pastores (Shepherds Worship). When talking about this temple, we cannot forget the Royal and Illustrious Archconfraternity of the Saint Cross in Jerusalem and Our Lady of Mercy, which currently owns and preserves the whole building. This Fraternity also owns a great part of the very old and rich processional belongings’ heritage. Some of those belongings are shown during the Good Friday’s procession, being the rest of the year exhibited in the Museum of the Antequera Town. 

In October 2013 the improvement and restoration works of the coverings of the main chapel and the chapel behind the statue of the Virgin were finished.