Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department .When the Order of the Hospital Fathers of San Juan de Dios arrived to Antequera in the second half of the 17th century, the building works to erect this church -called after the saint’s name- were started and they continued until the late of the 18th century.

The façade of the church consists of a rectangle with two big Tuscan pilasters on its sides and an entablature supporting the belfry, all of that made of sandstone from the ruins of the Roman town Singilia Barba, nearby what is now Antequera. Except for the façade which is made of red limestone from the natural landscape El Torcal. We could say that the most significant elements are inside the temple, a treasure of the Andalusian Baroque, due to the decoration in white and lively plasterworks, some of them rimmed and painted in blue and whose main motifs are those showing plants and animals, although some of them depict angels. The High Altarpiece has got a beautiful sculpture of the Immaculate, that it is in the central niche with the images of Saint Joaquin and Saint Ana on both sides. In this church, you will also find an extensive collection of paintings, most of them depicting excerpts of Saint Juan de Dios’s life.