CLOSED. Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The permanent exhibition of Taurine Art is placed at the Bullring- one of the most beautiful in Andalucia since the 19th century-. However, the bullfighting tradition in Antequera goes back in time (17th century) and has prevailed during the years, being one of its most outstanding expressions the collection gathered in this permanent exhibition. The Permanent exhibition of Taurine Art is on the third floor of the Bullring.  In the three exhibition rooms, the visitor can get a general approach of the bullfighting history in Spain and in Antequera. The collection is varied and it includes a photograph and journal record as well as documents and posters related to the Bullfighting National Festival. There are also several heads of bulls which were fought in famous bullfights around the Spanish geography. In one of the rooms there are showcases with the striking traje de luces (bullfighter’s costume) which belonged to some of the best bullfighters of our country. Among the artistic pieces of the permanent exhibition, it stands out the El tiro de mulillas (the draught mules), a very realist group of sculptures in bronze by P. Sánchez Panadero and J. Clemente. Regarding the paintings, it is noteworthy the graphic series of one hundred and twelve prints of the 19th century, as well as the collection of thirty paintings on glass called La Tauromaquia depicting different series of passes.