The exhibition gathers many original pieces related to the old textile factories of the town which were a reference in this sector by middle of 19th Century, although the beginning of this kind of activity is placed in 15th century. By offering a complete view of the technical, economic and social aspect of this important industry it gives even more significance to such an important part of the history.

The exhibition has been created in order to show the industrial activity of this sector in Antequera, with a little outline of the main factories in Málaga and the province. There, you will find out about the machinery, tools, materials, pictures and other graphic documents which are used to explain the processes to obtain the different cloths or to manufacture the different products. It is worth mentioning the blankets manufacturing produced in our town at the time, as well as the origin, development, heyday and decline of this sector. Thus, we can say that this exhibition helps to materialize, spread and revive a very productive period of our local history which, in addition, was the most crucial period in the Andalucia textile production.

This exhibition will become the basis of the Interpretation Centre of the Textile Industry in Antequera, a new touristic space which is already a new attraction in the Antequera town.

The students and monitors of the “Desigñ Asistencia” Employment Workshop –a training and employment programme started by the Department of Promotion and Development of the Antequera Town Hall- have prepared this exhibition as completion of the learning process of the students involved in the “Graphic Products Design” specialty.

The contribution of people from Antequera, who, disinterestedly, have provided information, articles or material for the exhibition, has been essential for its result. Three handcrafted wood looms have been restored and assembled by Francisco Domínguez Machuca and José Romero Calderón (former monitors of programmes in the Workshop School); We also must point out the collaboration of José Arjona Cerrillo (owner of the old “Urdimbre” shop), Ricardo Martín (craftsman from Villanueva del Rosario), the Association for the Defense of Chimneys and of the Industrial Technological Heritage in Málaga, and its chairman, Mr José Antonio Muñoz.

We want to thank the families who have provided the material: Muñoz Arguelles family (former owner of the El Henchidero factory); Carreira family (for contributing with material from the “Laz” factory who belongs to Bernardo Laude Álvarez), Ms Dolores Corbacho Piñero (teacher in Antequera), Concepción Reina López (student-worker in the Assistance Design program in the Employment Workshop); Rojas Moreno family (owners of the “Rojas 1892” shops); Gonzalo Ruíz Rojas (owner of the old “Manufacturas Rojas Castilla”); Antonio Morón Alarcón (former student-worker in the Workshop School) and José Jiménez Pena (an enthusiastic reporter).

In addition and in order to prepare the exhibition information material  we have resorted to the bibliography of our dear and remembered History Chair, Mr José Antonio Parejo Barranco; to the bibliographic documentation from the Municipal Historical Record of Antequera; to pictures by Velasco and Durán; to the “Antequera por su amor, “Nueva Revista”, “Jábega” magazines and to the “El Sol de Antequera” newspaper, besides to its own photographic archive.

It must be also mentioned that the existence of the textile industry in Antequera is documented since late 15th century. After a time, it went for the wood manufacturing although it kept a small space for silk and linen. By middle of 18th century, the total of employees in this sector represented 10% of the textile handcraft in Andalucia and a 1.50% of the Spain. In 1830 decade, the wood manufacturing in Antequera represented more than 60% of the Andalucia textile sub-sector.

Information and visiting hours.

The exhibition called “The Textile Industry in Antequera” is located in the Edificio Ribera in “El Henchidero” Educational Complex (Río del Rosal street). For more information and visits, please call (XX) 952 70 81 46 or to the Tourism Municipal Office (XX 952 702 505 /952 708 305). Also in the web pages http://,  and; email: and . Group guided tours, from 8:00 to 15:00 hours.

Folded sheet of the “Textile Industry in Antequera” exhibition.