Antequera, located right on the hearto of Andalucia, this city of Malaga it’s considered a must see spot for many travellers in terms of art, history or gastronomy.

It is well known as “the city of art” due to its richness in history, art and cultural attractions. From many centuries, since prehistorical times, its legacy is supported by the well conserved state of their monuments still showing their magnificent. We have tu highlight “Dolmenes de Antequera”, the magnificent Arabic Castle or “Alcazaba”, several churches and chapels exponents of Renaissance and Andalusian Baroque, including its arches, palaces and stately homes.

On the other hand, it’s also worth to mention its natural attractions, such as The Torcal de Antequera, one of the most important karst landscapes worldwide.

In regards of the gastronomy, Antequera offers its famous “Molletes de Antequera” to taste typical southern breakfast. The “Porra antequerana” star dish made with vegetable from his fertile plain, shortbread (Mantecados) and Bienmesabes made in their convents (sweets), they will indulge your sight too.

Let you be guided from our incredible legends, enjoy our folk traditions and get to know our wonderful city and its people.

Let yourself go…We will guide you!