Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Plaza del Portichuelo is, without any doubt, one of the most interesting squares within the authentic town planning in Andalucia, being the Chapel-Gallery of the Virgin del Socorro (Mercy), built in 171, the most outstanding element due to its peculiarity. This is another one of the chapel-gallery that marked the old processional route of the well known Fraternity of Arriba (Up). It has been considered that they might be related to the capillas de indios (open chapel) and to the American posa chapels. Thus, these chapels were a kind of constant call to the passerby’s religiousness. From the architectural point of view, we find a very original construction that, despite its complex structure, it is very much related to the common people. It has got two floors of open galleries with a closed attic as a way of a compact cube crowned with a 4-side small roof, with three fronts or facades. The main façade is divided into three vertical sections and two floors. The lower floor performs the function of porch or arcade and the higher floor is a kind of loggia. All the arches are semicircular. The central vertical section is made of brick of rowlock and the lateral sections are covered with white stuccowork. The interior is divided into six parts