This Municipal Centre occupies part of the rooms belonging to the former Royal Monastery of Saint Zoilo; exactly, the cloister.
This Observant Franciscan Order’s convent was the first one to be erected in the town after a Royal Order given by the Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando, on the 18th September 1500 by which they carried out their son’s, Juan, wish of erecting a monastery in Antequera devoted to Saint Zoilo.
In order to construct the mentioned monastery, the Monarchs gave the amount of 600,000 maravedis. The building works took place between 1501 and 1515 under the direction of the Architect Enrique Egas.
The cloister where the Municipal Library is located is in the Catholic Monarchs Gothic style. There are colonnades in the two floors: the one in the ground floor with semicircular arches and the one in the top floor with basket handled arches. The ground floor columns made of sandstone, and those in the upper loggia, were replaced by others made of red limestone in Tuscan order.
The building was renovated to be used as a library in 2002, when the access stairs in Imperial style was restored by the master builder, Francisco Gutiérrez Garrido, who played a very important role in the building works that, during the last quarter of the 16th century, were carried out both in the convent church and in the cloister.