CASAS RURALES ANTEQUERA EL CANAL  is created in order to promote Rural Tourism in the Antequera area. Currently, we are in charge of five rural lodgings :3 are in the very own Country House and the other 2 are very near. The lodgings are prepared for between 7-10 people. They are furnished with many details and offer all the necessary comforts so the travelers can enjoy the rural environment located very near to the El Torcal Natural Landscape, in the South of Antequera, and which is one of the most impressive examples of karst formations in the whole Europe. It is located in a privilege enclave just 10 minutes away from the monumental town of Antequera and 5 minutes away from the Antequera AVE train station.  In Casas Rurales Antequera El Canal  you will receive a friendly treatment which will make you feel as if you were at home.  Please, come to visit us and find out how comfortable our lodgings are. It is the perfect place to enjoy a few days of rest with your family or friends.