In the middle of the Holy Week, the Lord and the Virgin of the Mayor Dolor (Greatest Sorrow) go in procession through the Antequera’s street. This is the procession with the largest number of penitents, who wear a peculiar attire:  a black robe fastened in at the waist by an esparto – grass cincture. This procession is also accompanied by the Legion.

The image of the Christ of the Greatest Sorrow, as well as that of the Virgin of this Fraternity, are works by the Antequera sculptor, Andrés de Carvajal, who, in 1771, donated the Christ to the Collegiate church of San  Sebastián – where it is now-  on condition that when he died,  the bells of this church should peal as if he was a canon.  The moment of the Passion showed in this Baroque sculpture  is not very usual in the collection of images kept in Andalucía. It depicts Jesus, with a deeply touching expression in His face, after having been scourged,  on His knees and picking up the tunic. As regards Our Lady of the Greatest Sorrow, it is a work in a sole carving, the only one with this characteristic from all the Virgins of Sorrow of the Antequera Holy Week; thus, it is believed that the image was not thought to be taken in procession.