The Lovers’ Rock takes its name from a legend which, inspired by the Middle Age, was brought to life by the Golden Age’s stories.

The legend tells how a Christian young boy, named Tello, who was held captive in Granada, fell in love with a very beautiful Muslin girl, Tagzona, who lived in Archidona. Their love so much each other that they decided to escape towards the Christian lands belonging to the Antequera town. Unfortunately, the father of the girl found out about their runaway and sent his archers to stop the young couple. The lovers climbed the Rock placed half-way between Archidona and Antequera and when they realized they were going to be captured they decided to die together before living separated. They embraced each other and threw themselves to the unknown from the summit of the Rock which, since then, receives that name. “From the cut rock they threw themselves and in the air they left their souls” (by Carvajal y Robles).