In the beautiful lowland (Vega) of Antequera, it raises the Peña de los Enamorados (Lovers’ Rock). The profile of this rock is quite singular as it remains a human face looking at the sky with his head on the earth, as if it was a lying man. The explanation for this peculiar silhouette outlining the town skyline comes from the homonym legend from which it takes the name.

A young Christian man, Tello, is captured in a nearby town. The daughter of the Moorish leader of that town, Tagzona, goes, out of curiosity, to the prison cells where the handsome warrior is. When they looked at each other they suddenly fall in love and decide to run away as, in that time, the marriage between persons of different religious was not allowed.

Even though they manage to escape from the prison, the guards find them out and, together with Tazgona’s father, went after them. The Moorish army was tightening the noose around them and, thus, the couple arrive to a rock at the entry of the Antequera town to which they decided to climb. Already in the peak, the Moorish father’s archers aim at the young couple. Both of them look at each other, hold hands and position themselves at the edge of the peak. There was no way out: to surrender, be caught and separated. But not, Tello and Tagzona, holding hands, look at each other again and throw themselves from the height.