On Maundy Thursday, two Fraternities get together in order to take in procession five floats with beautiful images and a rich heritage.

Late in the evening, the procession starts with the Brotherhood of Santísimo Cristo de la Misericordia (Sanctity Christ of the Merci) and Nuestra Señora del Consuelo (Our Lady of Consolation). It leaves from the San Pedro church with these two floats. It is noteworthy the vivid colors of the Virgin’s attire as well as Her renewed-style throne. The Sanctity Christ of the Merci shows influences from Pedro de Mena; that is why this image is attributed to some of this artist’ disciples who were settled down in our town in the 17th century. This sculpture depicts a Christ dead in the cross accompanied by the images of Mary Magdalene, Saint Juan and a Virgin of Sorrow at His feet.

Already out of the temple, these two floats from the Hermandad del Consuelo  (Brotherhood of Consolation) are taken to the Plaza de Santiago, where they are put face to face with the thrones from the Venerable Fraternity of Serves of Mary Sanctity of Dolores (Sorrow), which come from the nearby iglesia de Belén church. This Fraternity has got three main images: the Señor Atado a la Columna (Lord tied to the Column), the Señor Caído (Fallen Lord) and the Virgin of Dolores (Sorrow) –whose processional belongings of metal work and embroidery are really interesting-. Once both Associations are together, they finish the processional route on this Maundy Thursday. This is one of the processions where the custom of correr la Vega (running the lowland) is put into practice: the thrones are taken running up the slope to their temples.