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Exhibition of the Trompo de Antequera

The Antequerana del Trompo Cultural Association has been officially constituted with the intention of spreading, extending and recovering the practice of traditional games that brought us so much in our early childhood.

The famous spinning top game:

Without being aware of it, the practice of these games allowed us to relate, educate, play sports, and learn, aspects today especially valued in schools. Therefore, taking as a reference the game of the spinning top, we intend to dedicate, within our possibilities, some of our time to this end. Games are a social and cultural expression that shows the adaptation that human beings have carried out in relation to their environment.

Studying games involves knowing the evolution of the lives of its protagonists. From childhood to adolescence, games play an important role in children’s personal development: satisfying their needs for action and expression, while contributing to the acquisition of physical and intellectual aptitudes, teaching them to relate to others and their environment, instilling in them those values and social norms that they will later abide by during their adult life. Playfulness is associated with aspects such as fun, spontaneity, symbolism, voluntariness, uncertainty in the outcome.

The fact of playing is a motor, mental, playful, open and individual practice, in which there are no fixed rules and the protagonist can do what he wants at any time. But the game is a motor, mental and playful practice subject to rules that determine a series of conditions (obligations, rights and prohibitions), things that can be done and things that can not, and are agreed by people who want to participate together and compete. But our intention is to value a cultural and educational heritage that in addition to being lucid proposes a heritage of the peoples of the world, and we can talk about history, art, music, science, education, etc.


Address: Aguardenteros Street, 4, Antequera, Malaga

Schedule: By appointment only.

Phone: 696016326