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Sendero Sur

Thursday 15 November, 2012|

Sendero Sur was born from the initiative of people from Antequera, prepared and qualified to offer visitors the best of our environment through an endless number of outdoor activities. Guests can enjoy, regardless of age or physical condition, with all the tranquility that a solid company with great experience on the mountain can offer, making [...]

Los Quintos Horse Centre

Tuesday 14 June, 2011|

The Los Quintos Horse Centre organizes horse rides of different duration and difficulty depending on the client. These horse rides are open to any person who wishes to ride a horse, even if it is their first time. Our horses are noble and well broken. They adapt to any kind of people, from inexperience ones [...]

Alpachi Rutas 4×4

Tuesday 14 June, 2011|

Drives for group of maximum 6 people per car. Routes of 1,2 and 3 hours . We offer: Routes by the Antequera's surroundings. Routes to sighting of goats, deers, birds and wild boars. Photographics routes. Watching of archeological sites and water sources. Drives for group of maximum 6 people per car. Routes of 1,2 and [...]


Tuesday 29 March, 2011|

EL RETOZO (Leisure- Hunting Reserve) was founded in 2005. Our cuisine offers you a mix of flavours made with the products of our land. A different way of eating in a mountain restaurant. You will enjoy the typical dishes of the mountain range, such as Arroz Caldoso (soupy rice), Migas Serranas (fried crunchy bread), our [...]

Finca Las Navillas

Tuesday 29 March, 2011|

Las Navillas is a center of Leisure & Adventure in Nature where there are many activities for adventurous people who like to be surrounded by a unique landscape. The C.O.A.N. Las Navillas is specially thought for: Company’s groups: Promotion & Incentives Programme. Outdoor-training: activities aimed to value and promote the company’s inner relationships or staff [...]

Lobo Park Antequera

Monday 28 March, 2011|

Unique  theme park with Timber, European, Iberian and Polar wolves. You will enjoy a close sightseeing of the animals and will learn about their behavior, way of communicating and life. Farm-school, horse rental and horse-riding classes. Guaranteed  emotions and fun for the whole family!