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Casas solariegas, palacios y otros edificios emblemáticos te saldrán al paso recorriendo las calles de esta ciudad.

San Luis Building

Thursday 9 November, 2017|

  The building project is from 1878 and its design comes from the proposal of the architect, Jerónimo Cuervo González. It had a budget of 102,211 pesetas from which 80,000 pesetas were subsidized by the State. The building was thought to be used as the San Luis Gonzaga Secondary School. At the beginning, the project [...]

Plaza de Toros

Monday 28 March, 2011|

  If you wish you can view this enclave through Google Earth . Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Antequera bullring was inaugurated on the 20th of August 1848. As it was constructed in a hurry, the higher rows of seats were made in wood and they continued like that until 1980, when the Town [...]

Palacio Marqués de Villadarias

Monday 28 March, 2011|

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The monumental facade consisting of three sections made of red limestone from El Torcal is, undoubtedly, one of the most important designs among those of its kind were erected in Antequera. There are documentary proofs that the building works for the palace were already started in 1711.The facade’s panel, which [...]

Palacio Consistorial

Monday 28 March, 2011|

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Until the Law of Disentailment, the present Town Hall or Municipal Palace was a convent owned by the Third Franciscans who were also the owners of the Los Remedios Church. Even if the façade has been redesigned in modern times, the interior still keep important pieces of the old monastic complex, [...]

Palacio de los Marqueses de la Peña de los Enamorados

Monday 28 March, 2011|

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Palace of the Marquesses of La Peña de los Enamorados (the Rock of Lovers) was constructed in the second half of the 16th century, although it has to be said that the present aspect differs a lot from the original one due to the several restorations and additions made [...]

San Juan de Dios Hospital

Monday 28 March, 2011|

    Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. From the original Hospital building, it is still kept the main courtyard erected in the second-half of the 18th century whose higher gallery and the stairwell were restored later on.  This stairwell, probably erected late  in the 18th century, is the only example in “imperial” style from those in [...]

Pósito (Municipal Historical Archive)

Monday 28 March, 2011|

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Municipal  Depot (El Pósito)  was the wheat warehouse used by the Town Hall when trying to guarantee the normal supply of grain to the population. The building could be dated around the 17th century, although it has undergone many transformations and additions. The oldest space is the large nave or [...]

Teatro Cine Torcal theatre-cinema

Monday 28 March, 2011|

Tourist Department of the Antequera Town. The building works project was commissioned to the well-known architects Antonio Sánchez Esteve and Daniel Rubio who, at the beginning of 1933, gave form to the building. The construction started at the end of the month of April 1993. The building contractor was a company of Puente Genil (Córdoba) [...]

Los Ramírez House

Monday 28 March, 2011|

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. As a whole, it is an average mansion where the most outstanding element is the very interesting front. The first section, made of red limestone, has a rare design with curious fan forms on the pilasters and architrave's intersection. The second section is, without doubt, what gives real character to [...]

Los Serrailler House

Monday 28 March, 2011|

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Almost all the first half of the 20th century was for the Sevillian architecture a search for its own lost entity. Within this movement (which has been called “Architecture of the Regionalism”) there is not any doubt that the most outstanding figure is that of Aníbal Gonzalez. The Serrailler Mansion in [...]