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Permanent exhibition “The Textile Industry in Antequera”

Tuesday 8 July, 2014|

The exhibition gathers many original pieces related to the old textile factories of the town which were a reference in this sector by middle of 19th Century, although the beginning of this kind of activity is placed in 15th century. By offering a complete view of the technical, economic and social aspect of this important [...]

Conoce Antequera

Tuesday 28 January, 2014|

Discover the city with the best historic heritage of Málaga by the hand of an official guide with more than 20 years of experience. You will know the the history, legends, popular habits...all what is part of the culture of Antequera.

Antequera, Centro de Andalucía: kilómetro 0

Friday 18 January, 2013|

Antequera is proud to be the center of Andalusia. The landmark in the Plaza de San Sebastián refers to this fact: during thousands of years different civilizations have passed through the old city. The column of red Torcal marble has an inscription about Antequera's central location throughout history, as demonstrated by the 'Via Domiciana Augusta', [...]

Capitán Moreno

Thursday 17 January, 2013|

Vicente Moreno Baptista. (Antequera (Málaga) 7 January 1773- Granada, 10 August 1810). On the 12 June 1792, he joined the army as distinguished soldier in the Fix Regiment of Málaga, being posted to the War of Rosellon. On the 30 September 1795, he was promoted to Cadet of his regiment and on the 1 April 1799 [...]

Restauración de las Barbacanas de la Alcazaba de Antequera

Thursday 17 January, 2013|

Antequera wishes to extend its monument-tourist offer by opening the Barbicans Promenade in the Citadel of the Town. It is a fortified wall of small height located at the foot of the main one, where the soldiers defended the fortress from being laid siege. The new route starts in the White Tower and finishes nearly [...]

Southern Track

Thursday 22 November, 2012|

Southern Track specializes in high quality sport and activity holidays. We offer a great variety of activities suitable for all levels of fitness. Our professional guides are all English speaking. Our activities include hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, running and triathlon. Come and join us for a local race to experience the authentic Andalucian country [...]

Sendero Sur

Thursday 15 November, 2012|

Sendero Sur was born from the initiative of people from Antequera, prepared and qualified to offer visitors the best of our environment through an endless number of outdoor activities. Guests can enjoy, regardless of age or physical condition, with all the tranquility that a solid company with great experience on the mountain can offer, making [...]

Villa Romana de la Estación

Wednesday 31 October, 2012|

  The Villa Romana de la Estación (Roman villa of the Station) is located on the northwest of the present built-up area of Antequera. Although the site has been known since the late of last century, it was not until 1998, due to the construction works of North bypass road, when the archeological importance of [...]

Museo del Trompo de Antequera

Monday 27 February, 2012|

The Antequera Cultural Association of the Spinning Top was officially established with the purpose of spreading, extending and recovering the practice of those Traditional Games that so much contributed to our first years. Unconsciously, practicing this game allowed us to relate to each other, to educate ourselves, to play sports and to learn several aspects of the education [...]

Grupo escultórico “Homenaje a los antiqiries”

Monday 11 July, 2011|

This is a monument erected in front of the walls of the Torre del Asalto (Assault Tower) located at the Plaza del Carmen, in Antequera. The sculpture was inaugurated on the 24th September 2010, when the VI Century of the Antequera Incorporation to the Castilian Crown was commemorated.  On that date, but six centuries ago, [...]