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(Español) Museo de Sitio de los Dólmenes de Antequera

Wednesday 6 April, 2022|

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MAD Antequera

Tuesday 23 June, 2015|

The Museum of Art Council, hereinafter MAD, is located in the Museo Casa de Los Colarte, located in the city of Antequera, forms a single location to house the artistic pieces that make up the collection that, for years, the Provincial Malaga has been acquiring works that today are preserved in various buildings in the [...]

Permanent exhibition “The Textile Industry in Antequera”

Tuesday 8 July, 2014|

  The exhibition gathers many original pieces related to the old textile factories of the town which were a reference in this sector by middle of 19th Century, although the beginning of this kind of activity is placed in 15th century. By offering a complete view of the technical, economic and social aspect of this [...]

Permanent exhibition of the spinning top

Monday 27 February, 2012|

The Antequera Cultural Association of the Spinning Top was officially established with the purpose of spreading, extending and recovering the practice of those Traditional Games that so much contributed to our first years. Unconsciously, practicing this game allowed us to relate to each other, to educate ourselves, to play sports and to learn several aspects of the education [...]

Permanent exhibition and chapel of Beata Madre Carmen del Niño Jesús

Thursday 7 April, 2011|

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. “A space for silent and inner peace”. That is what the Museum of the Blessed Mother Carmen del Niño Jesús offers to  the visitors. Since 1947, once the canonization process had started, the small chapel where the mortal remains of the Mother Carmen are kept attracts many pious people who [...]

Permanent exhibition Cofradía Ntra. Sra. del Socorro. TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Thursday 7 April, 2011|

Sacramental of San Salvador,Royal and Honourable Archconfraternity of the Saint Cross in Jerusalem, Our Father Penitent Jesus and Mary Sanctity of the Crowned Mercy PERMANENT EXHIBITION OF THE FRATERNITY OF MERCY Permanent exhibition of the Cofradía del Socorro (Fraternity of Mercy) is an old aspiration of this Good Friday Fraternity in Antequera which have become a reality [...]

Permanent exhibition of Santa Eufemia

Thursday 7 April, 2011|

The Museum of the Santa Eufemia’s Brotherhood and the Sisters Mínimas  of Antequera opens only the weekends. The access is through the temple's door, as the very own church is in itself the Museum. There, we can study the altarpieces and reredos from the religious, artistic and historic point of view. In addition, three new [...]

Legionary equipment permanent exhibition of the Mayor Dolor’s Brotherhood

Thursday 7 April, 2011|

Town Hall Tourism Department.  The Antequera Museum of the Legion is at the Brotherhood House of the Pontifical, Royal and Honourable Fraternity of the Santísimo Cristo del Mayor Dolor y Nuestra Señora del Mayor Dolor ( Sanctity Christ of the Great Sorrow and Our Lady of the Great Sorrow), located in Avenida de la Legión (Parque Nueva Antequera). [...]

Santa Clara Cultural Centre

Saturday 26 March, 2011|

EVENTS IN SANTA CLARA CONVENT (CULTURAL CENTER). Workshops: Yoga-Literary creation-Flamenco dance-Typical Sevillian dance-Ballet-Painting-Relaxation techniques-Antequera Dance workshop (Tango, Latin and Ballroom dancing)-Cinema workshop-Painting and drawing classroom-Belly dance-Dressmaking-Yoga's workshop for children-Yoga's workshop for pregnants-Cambridge English course. Adapted workshops. Local Music school: Music and tempo-Flamenco, classic and electric guitar-Metal and Wood Wind instruments-Musical language-Piano-Flamenco box drum-Bass Guitar-Percussion and [...]

Unicaja Bank Cultural Centre

Saturday 26 March, 2011|