Alcazaba Arab fortress

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Within the walled complex of the Muslim Medina there were two sites more or less separated: the Citadel, which occupied the whole crowning of the hill, and a second wall ring which, coming down from the Puerta de la Villa (Town Door), continued toward the Postigo del Agua (Water Wicket) and […]

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Arco de los Gigantes (Giants’ Arch)

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. It was erected in 1585 following the design of the architect Francisco de Azurriola. This building has a double interest for the town: on the one hand, the monumental aspect and, on the other hand, its historical meaning. That is, to its value as an example of the late-Renaissance architecture, it […]

De la Estación Roman Villa

  The Villa Romana de la Estación (Roman villa of the Station) is located on the northwest of the present built-up area of Antequera. Although the site has been known since the late of last century, it was not until 1998, due to the construction works of North bypass road, when the archeological importance of […]

Restauración of the barbains of the Alcazaba de Antequera Arab fortress

Antequera wishes to extend its monument-tourist offer by opening the Barbicans Promenade in the Citadel of the Town. It is a fortified wall of small height located at the foot of the main one, where the soldiers defended the fortress from being laid siege. The new route starts in the White Tower and finishes nearly […]

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Carnicería de los Moros ( Thermae remains of a Roman Villa)

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This site is popularly known as La Carnicería de los Moros (The Butchery of the Moorish). What we can see now are the remains of a Thermae which undoubtedly belonged to a sumptuous Roman villa placed next to the course of the La Villa River and two kilometers away from the […]

Dolmen de Menga

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Thanks to their spectacular construction system and magnificent state of preservation, the Antequera Dolmens are an essential element to understand the Megalithic period in the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe. The Menga Dolmen was erected around five and a half thousand to six thousand years ago. It is an enormous […]

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Dolmen de Viera

  Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Viera Dolmen is erected very few meters away from the Menga Dolmen, 5,000 to 4,500 years ago. They are quite similar regarding the morphology, construction and date, but the Viera one is quite smaller. It is a corridor sepulcher, where the passage and the burial chamber are clearly separated […]

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Dolmen de El Romeral

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Romeral Dolmen is quite different from the other two dolmens located in Antequera. It was erected later on, between the 3rd and 2nd millennium B.C. It consists of a narrow passage covered with large slabs coming out to a circular chamber, “Tholos”, covered with a false vault  made of rows […]

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Roman Thermae

Town Hall Tourist Department. The Roman thermae are located just in the historical centre of the town. They are the first supporting evidence of the existence of the old Roman town called Antikaria beneath the current urban centre. The digging works started in 1988 as the result of the previous movements of land to construct […]