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Monday 7 May, 2018|

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”Art without Time” Sculpture Complex

Wednesday 14 March, 2018|

The Antequera town pays tribute to two of its most illustrious sons during the 20th century: the famous poet, José Antonio Muñoz Rojas, National Poetry Award in 1998 for this work “Objetos Pérdidos” (Lost Objects) and the multitalented José María Férnandez, painter and an erudite person, responsible for the most important researches about Historical and [...]

Arch of the Penitent

Friday 10 November, 2017|

As the entry to Nueva Street, we find this monumental arch devoted to Jesus the Penitent. The structure is finished by a vaulted niche where the painting of the worshipped image is lodged, plus six lanterns and a projecting balcony. The original construction is from 1671 although it was demolished in 1959 because the risk [...]

San Francisco Square

Friday 10 November, 2017|

This little square was constructed several years after the San Zoilo Royal Monastery was founded in 1500. The floor plan was never a regular one but all the opposite: it is a huge trapezium where an angle formed by the Toril and Duranes streets goes into. Until 1861, the connection with Calzada street was much [...]

San Luis Building

Thursday 9 November, 2017|

The building project is from 1878 and its design comes from the proposal of the architect, Jerónimo Cuervo González. It had a budget of 102,211 pesetas from which 80,000 pesetas were subsidized by the State. The building was thought to be used as the San Luis Gonzaga Secondary School. At the beginning, the project was [...]

Antikaria Viajes

Thursday 7 September, 2017|

Mirador Michael Hoskin

Wednesday 19 April, 2017|

Área de Turismo Excmo. Ayto. de Antequera Mirador orientado a la Peña de los Enamorados ubicado junto al Arco de los Gigantes y dedicado al arqueoastrónomo británico Michael Hoskin. Cabe recordar que Hoskin, al que se le ha dedicado un busto en bronce que mira hacia la Peña, es el responsable de las investigaciones que [...]

Ciclos 2000

Tuesday 12 July, 2016|

Rent, sale and repair of bicycles.

Di Arte

Wednesday 6 July, 2016|

ENJOY ANTEQUERA Antequera, located right on the hearto of Andalucia, this city of Malaga it's considered a must see spot for many travellers in terms of art, history or gastronomy. It is well known as "the city of art" due to its richness in history, art and cultural attractions. From many centuries, since prehistorical times, [...]

Antequera’s Viewpoint Parking Centro

Thursday 16 July, 2015|

Admission prices Mirador: Users car: The entrance tiquet allows them free entry to all occupants of the vehicle. No vehicle users: Only groups of 5 people or more. Cost 2 € per person without time limit.   Mirador hours: Monday to Sunday from 08.00 to 23.00 hours.