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Hotel Manzanito

Friday 5 July, 2019|

Right in the shop and historical centre of Antequera, you will find our hotel with 24 rooms Types of rooms: - Double room: 1 or 2 beds facing outside. - Double room: 1 or 2 beds facing inside. - Double room: individual use. - Triple room - Room for 4 people. Wi-Fi.  

Hotel Infante Antequera

Monday 4 December, 2017|

The Hotel Infante Antequera is located right in the historical and commercial centre of Antequera. Thanks to this exceptional location, you will enjoy the environment and charm of the Antequera people. There are 20 rooms: 2 single rooms; 15 double rooms (1 suite and 9 premiums) and 3 triple ones. In addition, it has got [...]

Apartahotel La Torre

Tuesday 19 February, 2013|

Hotel La Sierra

Thursday 13 December, 2012|

Its advantaged location, in the center of Andalusia and next to A-45 Highway, the proximity and therefore the good existent communication with the main and forced tourist visit Andalusian cities as Ronda, Antequera, Granada, Sevilla and Córdoba makes this hotel to be chosen by the great majority of our clients, both national and foreigners (mainly [...]

La Hospedería de Arte de Cozina

Monday 21 March, 2011|

Hospedería Colón

Monday 21 March, 2011|

Hostal del Polígono 24 horas

Monday 21 March, 2011|

Hotel La Yedra

Monday 21 March, 2011|

Hotel El Número Uno

Monday 21 March, 2011|

Hotel Las Pedrizas

Monday 21 March, 2011|