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The WEBSITE OWNER in accordance with the Law 34/2002, of 11th July, about Services for Information & E-Commerce Society, hereby informs about the following:
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Town Hall Phone Number: (0034) 9520708100
Email for Data Protection Rights: dpo@antequera.es

All the notifications and communications between users and the WEBSITE OWNER will be effective, for all applicable legal purposes, when they are performed through post or any other of the means above mentioned.
As the Town Hall objective is to bring the administration closer to citizens, it will encourage the access to municipal services via the Internet. All the services included in this webpage are provided by the Town Hall in accordance to the current legislation and regulations.


The designer of this website, THE WEBSITE OWNER, assigns the Use General Conditions herein specified to the condition of USER, who accepts them, to access and use this website. The mentioned Conditions will be applied regardless of the Contracting General Conditions which might be of compulsory compliance.


The access to his website and the services related to it are free. However, to become a website user, the WEBSITE OWNER makes the use of some of the services offered in the web conditional to the completion of the appropriate form.
Users guarantee that all the data provided to the WEBSITE OWNER are true and updated, and they will be the sole responsible for false or inaccurate declarations.
Users expressly accept the commitment of making a right use of the WEBSITE OWNER contents and services and not to use them, among others things, for:

– Spreading criminal, violent, pornographic, racists, xenophobic or offensive contents, besides those of defence of terrorisms and, in general, those contents against the law or public order.

– Entering computer virus into the network or performing actions capable of altering, damaging, interrupting or, in general, creating errors or damages in the digital documents, data or physical or logical systems of the WEBSITE OWNER or third parties, or blocking the other users access to the website and to its services by the massive usage of the computing resources through which the WEBSITE OWNER renders its services.
– Trying to access to other users’ email accounts or to the restricted areas of the computing systems belonging to the WEBSITE OWNER or to third parties and to extract information from them.
– Infringing upon the WEBSITE OWNER or third parties’ intellectual or industrial property rights or breaching their right to information confidentiality.
– Others users, public administration or third parties phishing.
– Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available or, in any way, to publicly communicate, transform or modify the contents, unless under the authorization by the holder of the appropriate rights or because it is allowed by law.
– Gathering data for publicity purposes and sending any kind of sale or commercial publicity or communications without the previous application or consent.


By virtue of the Intellectual Property current regulation, it is expressly forbidden to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate or make available, total or part of the contents, texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology and software, besides any graphic design and source codes of this web for commercial purposes, by any kind of medium, without the WEBSITE OWNER authorization. All the website’s contents are under the WEBSITE OWNER property and their copyrights will not be understood as transferred to users beyond that strictly necessary for the proper use of the web.
In summary, those users who access this website can visualize all the contents and, if appropriate, make authorized private copies as long as the reproduced elements are not afterwards transferred to third parties or installed on servers connected to networks or subjected to any kind of commercial exploitation.
Likewise, all the trademarks, names or distinctive signs of any kind appearing in this website belongs to the WEBSITE OWNER; therefore, their use or access does not give any right on them.
Links do not involve in any case the existence of a relationship between the WEBSITE OWNER and the website which the link refers to, or the acceptance or approval by the WEBSITE OWNER of contents or services of that website. In order to insert a link it is necessary to previously request a written authorization to the WEBSITE OWNER. In any case, links only will allow the access to our website homepage and will not make false, incorrect or inaccurate statements or indications about the WEBSITE OWNER neither will include illegal, against accepted social norms or public order contents. THE WEBSITE OWNER will not be responsible for the use given by each user to the available materials on this web or for the use made of them.


The content of this website is of general nature and just for informative purpose. The access to all the contents and their completeness, correction, validity, topicality, suitability or practicability for a specific objective is not guaranteed.
Up to what is allowed by legal regulation, the WEBSITE OWNER shall not be responsible for any damages of any kind coming from:
– Impossibility of accessing the website; lack of veracity, accuracy, completeness and/or topicality of the contents; existence of flaws or defects of any kind in the transmitted, spread, stored or available contents accessed through the website or through the offered services.
– Virus or other elements within the contents which might produce alterations in the computing systems, digital documents or users data.
– Breaking of the law, good faith, public order, data trafficking and of this legal warning as result of a improper use of the website. Specially, and by way of example, the WEBSITE OWNER shall not be responsible for the third parties’ actions which might violate industrial and intellectual rights, business secretes, right to honour, to family, personal and own image privacy or any regulation related to unfair competition and illegal publicity.
The Town Hall shall not be responsible for the misuse made of web pages contents. The person who access and/or use the contents shall be the exclusive responsible.
The Town Hall shall not be responsible for any of the information included in the web pages of third parties accessible through links or browsers within the Town Hall website.
Any information displayed in the Town Hall web pages, which is not related to arrangements carried out through the Electronic Site, is of informative nature and, therefore, it shall not produce any rights or expectations.


The WEBSITE OWNER can modify at any time the conditions herein established by being published as they herein appear. The validity of the mentioned conditions will depend on their exposition and they will be in force until being modified by others conditions duly published.


The WEBSITE OWNER shall not be responsible for the information found out of this web and which is not directly managed by our webmaster. The purpose of the links appearing in this web is exclusively to inform the users about the existence of other sources which might extent the contents included in this webpage.
The WEBSITE OWNER does not guarantee or takes responsibility for the links functioning or accessibility. Neither suggests, invites or recommends visiting them; therefore, it will not take any responsibility for the obtained result. The WEBSITE OWNER shall not be responsible for the insertion of links by third parties.
The links included in the Town Hall web pages are just for informative purposes; therefore, in no case it will imply the approval of the information contained in the web pages of those third parties.


If any user or third party considers that there are facts or circumstances which disclose the illegal nature of the use of any content, or of any of the activities, within the web pages included or accessible through the website, it shall send a notification, duly identified, to the WEBSITE OWNER, by specifying the alleged offenses and expressly declaring, under its own responsibility, that the information provided in the notification is accurate.


The Antequera Town Hall Privacy Policy is in accordance with the current legislation about Personal Data Protection. The reference legal framework is established by the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and by the Council, besides by the Organic Law 3/2018 of Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights.


By observing the Royal Decree 3/2010 which regulates the National Scheme of Security within the Digital Administration field, the Antequera Town Hall has a Information Security Policy as basic rule for the management and assurance of the information dealt with, including the information related to personal data on the available computing systems.


By observing the Royal Decree 3/2010 which regulates the National Scheme of Security within the Digital Administration field, the Antequera Town Hall has an Information Security Policy as basic rule for the management and assurance of the information dealt with, including the information related to personal data on the available computing systems.


Besides what has been herein expressly established, these conditions will be ruled and interpreted in accordance with the Spanish legislation.