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Name Address Phone Centro Cultural Santa Clara C/ Santa Clara, 3 952 70 81 34/35 Sala de Exposiciones Ayto C/ Infante Don Fernando, 70 952 70 81 00 Sala AFA (Agrupación Fotográfica Antequerana) C/ Carreteros, 8 657 75 22 54 Sala de Exposiciones Casa Museo de los Colarte C/ Diego Ponce, s/n 952 84 05 61 Centro Unicaja de […]

Museum of the Antequera Town

Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The Museum of the Antequera Town was created as “Municipal Archaeological Museum” in 1908 at the request of the archaeologist Rodrigo Amador de los Ríos. It was firstly installed in one of the lower corridors of the Municipal Palace where, for more than fifty years, an important collection of pieces […]

Palacio de Nájera Plaza del Coso Viejo
Tlf: 952 70 83 00