Eating out

Eating out

Name Address Timetable Telephone A LA FUERZA SNACK BAR C/ Alameda de Andalucía, 32 Monday to Friday: 8.00h to 21.00h Sunday and bankholidays: 8.00h to 17.00h Saturday: Closed 952 84 16 07 EL CENTRO SNACK BAR C/ Cantareros, 3 Monday to thursday: 08.00h to 20.30h Friday to Saturday: 8.00h to 24.00h Sunday:Closed 952 84 59 […]

Restaurante Ghiottone – buffet libre

Restaurant located in the Hotel Antequera Golf specialized in pizza and pasta, plus salads, burgers, hot dogs and desserts. We hold children’s birthday parties next to the restaurant’s ball park. Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 13:00h to 16:00h/20:00h to 23.00h.   Capacity: 80 ppl.  Wifi

Urb. Santa Catalina, s/n junto Hotel Antequera Golf
Tlf: 902 541 540

Restaurante Casa Club

A Restaurant located in the golf course of Antequera Golf. Traditional and local cuisine at affordable price.  Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 13.00h to 16.00h/20:00h to 23.00h.  Capacity: 60ppl.   Wifi

Urb. Antequera Golf, s/n (campo de golf)
Tlf: 902 541 540

Restaurante Refectorio

The chef of this restaurant located in the Hotel Convento La Magdalena is David Muñoz, who has worked with Ferrá Adriá in the famous Bulli Restaurant. His cookery is based on the traditional and creative cook, with the added value of the spectacular views to the natural landscape surrounding this convent from the XVI century. Opening […]

Urb. Antequera Golf, s/n (Hotel Convento La Magdalena)
Tlf: 902 541 540

Plaza de Toros Restaurant

“When the bullfighter’s costume fades, when the arena rests and the white handkerchiefs are not rustling anymore in the front row seats, this establishment opens its doors. The gastronomy of Antequera and Spain stands out on the tables in the bullring.” It is located under the front row of the bullring of Antequera with total […]

Plaza de Toros de Antequera, Carretera del Albergue, 1
Tlf: 951 469 333

Baraka Café Bar

Baraka Café Bar, located in the historical center of Antequera, where you can enjoy a wide variety of food, tapas and handmade dishes. From Thursday to Sunday, we will offer a wide variety of fresh seafood of the day. Dipsonemos a spacious and cozy terrace in an idyllic, monumental and historical environment in which you […]

Plaza de las Descalzas, s/n
Tlf: 951 21 50 88/664 39 07 78

(Español) Mesón Casa Carlos

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 12.00 h to 24.00h. Sunday: 12.00 h to 17.00 h. Capacity: 25 ppl + terrace: 25 ppl. Wifi.

Plaza de San Francisco, 7
Tlf: 951 334 254

Bar Casa Carmela

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 8.00h to 24.00h. Capacity: 30 ppl

C/ Reyes Católicos, 9
Tlf: 645 442 150

Restaurante-Pizzería I Romani

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 12.30 h to 16.00 h and 19.30 h to 24.00 h (summer)/ 12.30 to 24.00 h (winter). Wednesday: Closed. Capacity: 70 ppl. Wifi

C/ Nájera, 2
Tlf: 694 497 268

Infante 20 Restaurant

Opening times: From Monday to Wednesday: 12:00 h to 20:00 h. From Thursday to Sunday: 08:00 h  to 24:00 h Capacity for 60 people.

C/ Infante D. Fernando, 20
Tlf: 633 630 744/ 622 624 214

(Español) Café-Bar La Cantina

Opening hours: Monday: 19. 00 h to 24.00. Tuesday to Sunday: 12.00 h to 16.00 h and 19.00 h to 24.00h.  Capacity: 20 ppl + Terrace: 40 ppl.

C/ Alameda de Andalucía, 14
Tlf: 654 588 531/ 635 211 113

(Español) Cafetería-Heladería La Glorieta

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 7.00 h to 21.00h (winter) / 7.00 h to 24.00h (summer). Capacity: 36 ppl + Terrace: 40 ppl.

Paseo Mª Cristina (frente Plaza de Toros)

(Español) Cafetería- Restaurante La Negrita

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 09.00 h to 2.00h. Capacity: 40 ppl + Terrace: 80 ppl. Wifi.

Paseo Real - La Negrita
Tlf: 951 387 949 / 656 885 742

La Torre Restaurant

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 06.00 h to 23.00 h. Saturday: 07.00 h to 17:00h. Sunday: Closed. Capacity: 110 ppl. Wifi

C/ Torre Hacho, 3
Tlf: 952 70 52 40/ 638 593 177

La Vespera (bar&copas)

Opening hours: Monday: Closed. Tuesday to Sunday: 16:00h a 02:00h

C/ Alameda de Andalucía, 5 Bajo
Tlf: 605 222 360

Café-Restaurante Leila

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 11.00 h to 24.00h. Tuesday: Closed. Capacity: 90 ppl. Wifi

Plaza de San Sebastián, 1
Tlf: 684013084

(Español) Cafetería Lorca

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 07.00 h to 23.00h. Sunday: Closed. Capacity: 50 ppl. Wifi

C/ Rey, 2
Tlf: 952 70 67 62

Bar Restaurante Nuria

Opening hours: Monday: 12.00-24.00 Tuesday: Closed Wednesday to Sunday: 12.00-24.00 Capacity: 140 people Wifi: Yes

C/ Cambrón de San Bartolomé
Tlf: 951 468 202 - 651 328 675

(Español) Restaurante Casa Paco

Opening hours: Monday: Closed. Tuesday to Friday: 10.00 h 24.00 h. Saturday and Sunday: 11.00 h to 24.00h.  Capacity: 50 ppl. Wifi.

C/ Paco de Antequera, 15
Tlf: 952 84 51 43

Bar-Tapería Paladar

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 8.00h to 24.00h. Tuesday: Closed. Capacity: 58 ppl+ terrace. Menu

Cruz Blanca, 12
Tlf: 951 197 736

Restaurante-Pizzería Pappagone 2

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00h to 20:00h.  Saturday and Sunday: Closed. Capacity: 90 ppl. Wifi.

C/ Efebo, 7 (Polígono Industrial)
Tlf: 951 080 907 / 695 032 734

Puerto Seco Antequera Restaurant

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday: 8:00h to 17:00h. Saturday and Sundays: 13:00h to 18:00h. Capacity: 120 ppl. Wifi.

C/ Cueva de Viera, 2, bajo 2. Edificio CADI. Polígono Industrial.
Tlf: 951 535 984

Que Pizza

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 12:00h to 14:30h/ 19:30h to 24:00h. Capacity: 50 ppl. Wifi

C/ Campillo Alto, 2
Tlf: 952 912 078/ 673 600 147

Pizzeria-Cafeteria San Luis

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 9:30h to 16:00h/ 18:00h to 02:00h. Capacity: 80ppl. Wifi

C/ Alameda, 3, Esquina C/ Picadero
Tlf: 951 273 911